Thursday, July 21, 2011

Living Alone.

I find it hard to be alone. I miss hearing someone else rustling around the house, breathing, living, just being there. Growing up I never had a room to myself nor any privacy really until well into college, then for just stints during roomate changes. I liked having people around, I still do. Josh and I had my brother live with us, then my cousin and her three babies...all in our two bedroom house in SC. Then we moved to NC where we lived with another couple and then Mia. Plus we had our menagerie of animals, which is why our home was called the Ark. Now I'm in a 1 bedroom apartment with no pets; it is quite a different lifestyle that I've fallen into. Not bad. Just very different.

It is hard for me to come home to an empty house. I don't know if I will ever be happy with this. This is the price that I have to pay for the direction life has taken me. It's one thing to talk to Big on the phone while he's traveling, but the the phone thing doesn't happen every day especially when there is a time difference or our work schedules clash. It's not his fault, nor does it strain our relationship, it's just doesn't help the situation.

It gets super lonely at the end of those days when I can't talk to Big because that's when I realize that, at the end of the day,  I have no one with whom to share my day. It is a very lonely feeling to not have some family member already right there or some warm pet to snuggle. I am definitely a tribal type and the lack of someone's heart beating, breathing, and rustling really takes a toll sometimes.

I find it is a double-edged sword. When I am busy I have less time to realize I am alone, however I have more things I would like to share with a loved one at the end of said busy days though no one is there which is depressing. When I am not busy I have more time to realize I am alone which is depressing though no real pressing urge to share any news with them at the end of those slow days and no real distraction from the depressing feeling. I do not rely on others for my happiness, don't get me wrong, but honestly I'm simply not used to such abundance of oppressive silence.

It's not even about being social, necessarily, in fact I would much rather not go out. A great evening to me would be to stay in and cook and enjoy wonderful conversation and laughs, whether it's at my place or a friend's. And I know that I can talk to Big the next day if I can't reach him at night...but that is not the point. It isn't enough for me to have a phone call, even if it is daily. It is ironic that after I spent so long in an open marriage surrounded by people, now my monogamous boyfriend would be the type who makes his living traveling. Serves me right. But at least in a way it is forcing me to learn how to live with just me and my heartbeats and my breathing and no one else's. I love my mom and I look up to her, but I do see the struggles she is going through now that she is living alone. She and I are independent, we do what we do, but we are not used to being alone. It is very hard for her, and I guess maybe there is some truth to the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," so in a way I am grateful for this lesson in living alone.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My 4th of July Weekend part 2

This July 4th was definitely not a traditional one for me. Instead of camping or backyard BBQ'ing, I went to Malibu to see the ocean, go to a wine tasting at a 5-Star restaurant, and then see four amazing fireworks shows over the Pacific Ocean from the best view in Malibu.

I had designs on going to the beach proper and actually putting my toes in the water, or at least my feet in the sand. Alas, that was not to be. The beaches were positively packed with people. Of course they were. It's Malibu on a holiday. Whatever was I thinking? But the drive was gorgeous.

I spent the late afternoon with Big at Beau Rivage. It is that 5-star place I was talking about, and as such it was quite empty...we had the place to ourselves.  tasting wine and chocolate made with port and all manner of nummies.  I like to taste the wine before I read or hear the description so I can try to identify the notes I am tasting before I know what they are. I am getting alright at this wine tasting thing actually. After that, instead of doing a beach picnic, I decided it would be best to get my white ass out of the sun and the crowd. So we went to see a movie instead. We saw Bad Teacher. It was cute.

After the movie it was time to carry on with our plans. Armed with our new chocolates and a couple bottles of wine, we make our way to the party by the pacific. EPIC!! I'll just describe it as an intimate gathering of amazing people, and even though we weren't all family and friends we all had a great time drinking and watching the shows. It was amazing. From where we were you could see from bluff to bluff all the way to Santa Monica (well, on a clear night lol). There were four huge barges that set sail from various points along the shore, designed to give everyone along the shore a view of the fireworks show. One after another they began their show and I was fortunate enough to see all four shows from where we were sipping our wine and having a great time.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July - Part 1

This is the 1st year in 11 years that Big hasn't worked the Warped Tour. This is a good thing. This is also the 1st year he's gotten a chance to go to the Warped Tour as a spectator, a civilian.

We drove down to Ventura but before we parked for the day we explored a bit. We found this adorable little italian place and decided to have a little lunch. This was a real treat for Big. Here he was at the site of the tour but instead of working we're relaxing over a wonderful lunch and a caraffe of chianti.

After lunch we got our vip bands and went to see his tour friends; most of whom have grown into family at the point after so many years of touring together. It is fascinating to see this exchange. Tour folk seem to have their own culture. I guess it makes since after living and sleeping in a bus with 19 others, working in the sun all day with rarely a shower, and eating off a grub line everyday as you traverse the country. In a way it sounds like a wonderful adventure.

After bus call Big and I left the Warped Tour. We were eagerly on our way to our next destination.

We will be spending the 4th in Malibu. I'll be blogging about that experience later.
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