Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today I Glow

I decided to create this blog as a way to chronicle my journey towards to completeness as I start over at age 30 with a new life. After 14 years of identifying myself as half of a couple, I now find myself as a single woman, an individual woman, on a journey to become a complete woman.
The title of this blog comes from a poem of the same name that I wrote as a testament to my growth and experience. I decided to take this title in hopes that as I write in my journal each day I will be reminded of my intention and inspired to keep going on this path, though I may be faced with obstacles.
Here is the full poem:

Today I Glow
No more taking the safe path
I’m forging new directions
Trusting in my passions when
I come to intersections
I’m a person of great worth
With my unique resources
I’ll take strength in saying “No”
Not be forced in one more “yes”
No more hiding in my box
I am bursting through my shell
I’m growing and evolving
All through each and every cell
No more acting meek and small
No more hiding in my cage
I am slowly taking steps
To my place at center stage
I only have this one life
To reflect God’s gifts and light
It is up to me to shine
I owe me alone the right
I’m channeling fortitude
And making my efforts show
No more hesitations now
As I breathe today I glow

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