Saturday, May 21, 2011

Armageddon Nostalgic

Well I guess today isn't the day I go. But on this, the supposed Last Day, I can't help but to sit and think about things that mean a lot to me.

There are a lot of things I miss.

Going to Flea Markets and Thrifting with Josh still ranks up there with my most happy times. I miss the weekly Coffee Dates that Justine and I would take, even though she doesn't drink coffee. I miss Garage Talks with the Bestest. So much. I miss the days with Kiki who was like my surrogate older sister.

I can't dwell on these things, I know. It hurts too much. But in a way it is so good to know that these things are indeed irreplaceable, which makes them all the more precious.

I've made my mind up to continue on my journey, where ever that might take me, and I won't stop in my tracks and I won't backstep...but I will continue to look back with love on all the wonderful moments I've had. Since it seems I will have at least a few more days on this planet I will try to cultivate new rituals with new people...but I'm still praying for that transporter so I can pop right over to meet Justine at our Starbucks or beam right into Steve's garage for one of his legendary homebrews and talks.
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