Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life is a Picnic

yesterday was a very quiet and very chill monday.
I woke up yesterday and took myself to the dr and got on a holter until tomorrow. Big was feeling really sick and was up all night puking so he wasn't able to drive me. It wasn't until later in the afternoon that he finally felt good enough to get up and about.
Once he was up he and I relaxed and watched some netflix at the cottage. Then he had a great idea. We made a mini picnic of finger food sandwiches and snacky food and then we drove down to the beach. We parked and ate by the light of the stars and the Santa Monica pier's ferris wheel all lit up like a holiday.
I love that he thinks of things like that. I used to love making and packing a picnic and putting it in my bike basket and riding until I found a nice green spot. Well I had to pull teeth to get Josh to go on a picnic and then it wasn't really much of a picnic, at least not to my standards. It's not a big deal. At all. But when Big spoke of doing the picnic and the way he wanted it done I felt a smile in my heart...

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