Monday, April 11, 2011

Adorable Life

For the past two weekends Big and I have walked to the grocery store to do our shopping. He voiced the idea first and I really go for stuff like that so I jumped on it. That might not be such a big deal for some, but for me it has been a romantic scenario in my mind for a while. I don't like random walks for no reason, I prefer a utilitarian Big suggesting we take a walk to the grocery store fulfilled my unspoken desire.

It was such a nice experience to take a walk and enjoy the wonderful California weather with Big. We got to talk and just muse for a while; truly enjoy each others company. In a way it also helps us to manage our spending because we can't buy a lot since we are carrying everything home. I like to call that the makings of Domestic Bliss.

Yesterday I spent about 14 hours in front of the computer working on a major agenda and lesson plan. I'm really proud that I was so productive. I've already written and rewritten and revised and revamped my drafts and I'm still not finished, but to be sure it will be amazing once I am.

While I was working Big took a lazy Sunday on the couch by me. It was nice knowing that he was there. Lately we've been getting slowly into healthy cooking and I will probably be posting some recipes on this here blog I'm sure.

Also...I just had to add, Big is so sweet. One of my favorite things is for my coffee to be served to me and I've never told this to Big, nor have I asked him to serve my coffee...but he will do that every now and then just because he thinks about it and brings it to me without me having to ask. Today he made a fresh pot of hafcaf and brought a steamy new cup and took my stale cold cup from me and it was just so sweet of him. I think that kind of thing is romantic. I mean it's nice to help me or do nice things for me when I ask, but it's altogether different when it is unprovoked and done exactly to standard (especially when that standard isn't even known beforehand). And then tonight he served me a beer while I sit here at the computer typing this blog entry. What an adorable life.

As I strive to be mindful each day of my blessings I try to look to these small things, things that I have taken for granted in the past, as reminders and living proof.

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