Monday, April 4, 2011

Going Out and Coming In

You know, sometimes I think I look forward more to coming home after a long night out and about.
Don't get me wrong, it's fun to get dolled out and hit the town with your man to meet good friends and have good times! But to be honest I really enjoy the after-after party that happens when I finally get to come home and go through the ritual of stripping from the night's trappings.
Nothing feels better than slipping off your heels to release your tired sore feet or stepping out of those constricting hose or unzipping that tight dress. I had an add-on to my late night ritual; when I lived in NC the family (roomies included!) would go get some awesome junk food at cook-out which was open 24/7. These days I'm not doing the late night face stuffing bit but I still enjoy coming home.
I got to wear a knockout dress to a club the other night with big to see some friends. The dress code was very strict, and even though I was on the VIP guest list we still had to comply with the dress code so I went all out.
Once we got to the club we were escorted in and went to the VIP section where we enjoyed free bottle service in our area and a great view of the dance floor. My friend was going to be performing, but her show got canceled so instead we just sat and hang out a bit.
Later they all wanted to go to an after party. And I always go out with them after we get together. But I was just really looking forward to coming home and getting in my pjs and getting some sleep. And I'm ok with that! Once we were home big and I cuddled and cuddled until we fell asleep, it was very wonderful and much needed, definitely the high light of the night. 

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