Monday, April 4, 2011

Reading at Night

I always had this silly little thing I wanted to do with my mate...I loved the idea of us both cuddling on the couch and taking turns reading a book to each other. I told Josh of this thing I wanted to do, I described how we could make it a reality and how much it meant to me. All he gave me was the permission to go to bed alone to read because it was hard to concentrate while the tv was on...he'd rather watch tv downstairs without me while I read alone.
Fine. I figured that was just the way it was supposed to be and I let go of my silly idea.
However Josh did gift me with my favorite book in the whole world. I love him for that even to this day. I was bragging to Big how thoughtful Josh was in finding that book for me and how much it means to me.I loved that though Josh wasn't willing to read with me he would support my reading in such a meaningful and thoughtful way.
Big is not a reader, at all. However the other day he mentioned how nice it would be if he and I took some time out at night to read back and forth to each other out of the same book. It was like he reawakened this desire of mine, just like that. Could it possibly be something I could have in my reality?
At first he thought he could make one night a week reading night. I was fine with that. So we took turns reading a chapter together. The next day, with a big grin on his face, he told me how much he enjoyed it and how he thought we should try to read like that each night. I was overjoyed! I still can't believe it.
I love how this is my idea, but it's his idea and not something I have to force or bitch about in order to get.
For the past couple nights he and I have read to each other and it has been wonderful. We are three chapters in and I've gone to sleep to the sound of his voice. I've always wanted to be told a story at night, since I was little, and it hasn't happened - I was always the one to read or tell stories to others. I don't think he truly understands just how much this means to me...especially since it came from him and wasn't something I had to force. I feel so grateful.

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