Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm proud of this week

Today I enjoyed a wonderfully productive Sunday after a very productive week.

I got my van officially registered in the state of California, and my California driver's license is on it's way in a couple of weeks!! I was smart about it and got an appointment at the DMV to cut down the waiting time. In the course of getting the van registered I had to get a smog check, so I left the DMV intent on getting my smog check and getting straight back to the DMV to finish everything up for the day.

But I had no such luck!

My van passed the smog check just fine and I drove back to the DMV. As I turned on the street where the DMV is located, I hear a loud POP and my van just stops! My boyfriend pushed me and the van to safety and he stayed with the van until AAA came with a tow truck. Meanwhile I walk to the DMV to take my Driver's Test for the license. I ace it and walk back to the van just in time to meet the tow guys.

The tow folk take my van to the transmission shop where she recently had a rebuilt transmission installed. As it happens, a rod split clean in two in a freak occurrence; in fact the mechanic said that I had a better chance at winning the lottery than for that particular part to snap like that. Also some metal shavings got into the transmission works and it needed to be taken apart and flushed. Since it's such a freak thing the parts aren't as readily available and sure enough I had to go an entire week without my van!!

No matter, I rented a car so I could get to and from work...and good thing too! I got to work with an industry legend and I was very honored as she is married to a legendary artist of my trade and rarely works with others. The rental was also needed because the shoot locations were so far away I never would have been able to get a ride, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss a single day. I got to work in this mega mansion in the sticks, but it on on the side of a mountain with an amazing view. I love working in these places, it reminds me of the dangers of excess, yet on the other hand it gives me wonderful experiences of being in places like that, enjoying the materialistically-awesomeness of it without having to actually deal with or upkeep it...and I get to do what I love to do while in those places.

The very next friday I finally get to get my van from the shop! My mechanic is awesome and only charged me for the parts, even though it was at least 10 hours of work all told. I went straight to the DMV, this time without an appointment, and waited for the rest of the day but finally I got it all taken care of. Yay!!

Then Big and I went thrifting and found a 50% off sale at a Salvation Army that had some pretty nice furniture. I got this adorable white shabby chic bedroom set that came with a dresser, mirror, bookcase hutch, vanity, and vanity chair. The apartment is really coming along and starting to feel like a real home. Which is nice because I've been missing that feeling for a while.

Last night I performed on stage for the first time in a while. I shared the stage with some wonderful friends and I had a fun great time just playing, doing what I script, no choreography. Typically I just pull performances out of my ass, which is kinda hard considering I perform with other folk, at least one partner...but I love what I do and I am really very good at it so it comes naturally to me.

Today Big and I slept in a bit but then we went on a cleaning and organizing spree that left us both feeling refreshed and renewed. I finished up a lampshade I've been working on and I also did some crafting - in fact I was so productive that I video taped it so I can share it with you on another blog post!

Right now Big is doing his magic on the grill out by the pool. He's making beer can chicken street tacos tonight and I'm making dessert with fresh strawberries, lady fingers, and homemade strawberry caramel sauce. We are going to eat and watch a movie and then hit the sack early because we have to leave for the airport at 4:15 am to get him to his flight on time. Ugh!

Tomorrow I have to overnight my van's old tag back to NC and take the heart monitor that I've been wearing for the past two weeks back to the doctor. I don't see him again until next week, hopefully then he'll be able to give me an idea of what is going on with my heart.

As I sit writing this entry my face is warmed by the sun and the California breeze plays through my home office window, including me in the wonderful day that is going on just outside. I am alive and well, I have air in my lungs, and I am happy because I deserve to be happy and I accept nothing less in my reality; I am truly blessed.
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