Monday, April 18, 2011

Creation - Scrapbooked Recipe Box

The other day I decorated a recipe box and I wanted to share the tutorial I made for it. 

I am really proud of this new home that I am creating and I wanted to make sure my things reflect this. I have seen some designer recipe boxes with motivational quotes and pretty designs, but I didn't want to spend over $20 on a recipe box that may or may not reflect my personal style - so I went ahead and made my own! I used an index card file box that I got from the dollar store and scrapbook paper and embellishments that I had lying around from a previous project. I even got the glue gun and glue sticks from the dollar store too! My project cost about $3 all told. Not too shabby huh!

Sometimes I take my surroundings for granted and I barely glance at household things that I use on a daily basis...but now that I am starting to practice awareness and gratitude I am noticing that my visual surroundings are important to my state of mind. It is not vain to decorate your home or to add your personal flair on your things, that's what makes them truly yours after all!

I also created my own recipe template with Photoshop so that I could type in my recipes and print them neatly on gorgeously designed cards. There are beautiful and affordable recipe cards out there, so you don't have to design your own, especially if you don't have a design program like Photoshop. However I hate my handwriting, I write like a hurried doctor (which I am definitely not!) and it doesn't seem right to ruin those pretty cards with my crummy handwriting so I just made my own so I can print them out with my printer. Also, having the recipes typed out on my computer also gives me an instant backup of my recipes just in case. Here's a random recipe card that I designed and I think it came out pretty good!

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